Empower Packaging System

Empower Packaging System

The purpose of surgical procedure packs is to bring convenience to your world. Yet every blue pack looks almost identical to every other pack – resulting in needless confusion and costly mistakes.

Wrong packs are pulled more often than you might think - causing the extra work and expense of pulling separate sterile items. Or, worse yet, discarding the entire wrong pack and replacing it with the correct one.

Recognising these problems, Medline set out to eliminate pack confusion. The result: Medline’s EMPOWER Packaging System – an entirely new and streamlined way of looking at packs. You can customise your packaging system by selecting your own colors and description for your packs.

Eliminate Pack Confusion with The Science Of Intuitive Design


Medline designers, together with our clinical team, spent hundreds of hours in hospitals, observing and interviewing central supply managers, OR directors, nurses, scrub techs and more. Then we applied the principles of intuitive visual design to create an entirely new approach to packs: Medline’s EMPOWER Packaging System.



This user-centred system can be used to improve the ease, efficiency and safety of your surgical procedure packs.